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Comfort Inn by the Bay is enhanced by its proximity to the pristine scenery of the Bay area. This region's unparalleled natural environment has made us passionate about doing all we can to preserve and protect this ecosystem today and into the future. To this goal, we've made a commitment to carbon neutrality as a business.

Through an innovative new partnership with Tradewater, you can now calculate the climate impact of your trip to Comfort Inn by the Bay and offset your carbon footprint by destroying greenhouse gases.

If you are interested to offset your visit to the Comfort inn by the Bay please follow the steps below. 

How to Calculate and Offset Your Travel Emissions...

  • Visit to access the easy-to-use Tradewater Carbon Calculator to calculate the impact of your trip.
  • Enter your details such as travel method, length of stay, lodging arrangements, and number of travelers.
  • See your emission results and equivalents.
  • Choose your offset level.
  • Check-out to purchase your offset credits.

What Your Offset Travel Emissions Do...
Purchased credits allow Tradewater to get to work doing what they do best – collecting and destroying the most potent greenhouse gases in the world. Tradewater focuses on old refrigerants that are over 10,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The collection and destruction of these gases prevents them from being released into the atmosphere. This is an essential strategy for fighting climate change.

Learn more about our partnership with Tradewater here.